Global Asset Management Firm

November 2019 - Ongoing

Key Areas

  • Digital

  • Strategy Consulting

  • Asset Management


As part of their new model for digital client engagement, our client, a global asset management firm, needed to digitize a critical service to allow for scalability and an enhanced user experience. The service provided significant value to their firm, as well as to their customers, but lacked the scalability that digital offers. Our client was seeking proven experience to help them enhance the vision for client engagement, as well as execute against the recommended program. As this was a top strategic initiative for their firm, they sought a partner with the right experience, and delivery expertise, to ensure a successful program launch.


Possessing significant experience with the digitization of existing processes for another large investment firm, Heitmeyer deployed its EVP of Digital Services to partner with the key stakeholders.  Our client tasked the Heitmeyer team with evaluating the existing service and determining how best to digitize and improve it via technology. Acting as the product owner for the new suite of digital services, we performed the internal and external research, quickly understood the opportunity, and developed the vision, objectives, and the product design to move the client into execution. Additionally, Heitmeyer developed an approach for delivery that was adopted by the client to enable them to begin development. This approach included enhancements to the existing program, how it would be augmented with technology, and the internal and external resources that would need to be engaged. The plan was developed with a strong focus on driving scale and profitability, and the measurement required to ensure success.


As a final deliverable to the initial engagement, the Heitmeyer team presented a product market fit document to our client’s senior leadership. This document is an effective mechanism to articulate the market opportunity for the proposed capabilities, and the product design required to provide a differentiated, profitable solution to customers. Additionally, we provided requirements, user stories, and prototypes that would drive internal consensus, and inform the development process. Due to the work performed during the initial phase, our client extended Heitmeyer’s services to lead implementation and to bring these new capabilities to market.  The next work phase includes RFP management, vendor evaluation, and building KPIs and OKRs for project execution.

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