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Our approach to our advisory and consulting services is different than most
because it starts with listening. While our expertise is grounded exclusively in the
financial services and insurance industries, you are the expert on your business. We
work to understand your goals and offer our unique perspective on the path to

Our Expertise


Navigate regulations, embrace digital transformation, and elevate your customer experience with our tailored advisory and staffing solutions for banks and financial institutions.


Drive innovation in underwriting, risk management and claims processing by leveraging our specialized knowledge and resources for insurance and insuretech firms.

Asset Management

Optimize portfolio performance, streamline operations, and enhance client relationships with our targeted advice from experienced asset management professionals.


Power fintech growth with trusted guidance on disruptive technologies, regulatory compliance, and strategic partnerships, supported by our tailored staffing solutions.

Investment Management

Capitalize on market opportunities, enhance risk management, and build investor trust with our insights and resources.

Core Banking Transformation and Modernization—A Strategic Guide for Retail and Commercial Banking Leaders

Get our strategic guidance to help banking leaders upgrade, streamline and modernize core banking functions.

A Digital Leap: Reinventing
Client Engagement for a
Global Financial Firm

Heitmeyer helped transform a global asset management firm's client engagement model by digitizing a critical service to deliver scalability and a superior user experience.

Advisory and Consulting Services for Financial
Institutions and Insurance Companies

Our owners, practice directors, and consultants bring with them an extensive background in the financial services and insurance industries—with proven experience in tackling business, operational and technology challenges.


  • Transformation: Business and Operations, Core Modernization, Platform Conversion,
  • Mergers and Acquisition: Planning, Legal Day 1, Conversion, Post-Conversion Support, Playbook Management
  • Payments: Credit and Debit, RTP, Bill Pay, Online Banking
  • Lending: Commercial, Consumer, Residential Mortgage, HELOC, Origination, Servicing
  • Treasury: Wholesale and Retail Lockbox, Account Analysis, Sales and Servicing, Treasury Operations, Operating Model
  • Financial Crimes: Fraud, AML, FCRM, KYC


  • Transformation: Business and Operations, Core Modernization, Platform Conversion, Product Design
  • Mergers and Acquisition:  Planning, Product Capability Assessment, Conversion, Operating Model
  • Product and Business Strategy: Pricing, UBI Programs, 3rd Party Integration, Insurtech, Distribution, Operating Model, Expense Ration
  • Underwriting: Straight Through Processing, Referral Rules, Decision Modeling, Automation, RPA
  • Claims: Efficiency and LAE: Automation, Digital Offerings, Process Improvement; Lost Costs: Third-Party Integration, Fraud Detection
  • Billing and Service: Mobile and Digital, Customer Experience, Payment Vendors

Heitmeyer Perspectives: Industry
Insights, Trends and Solutions

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Embracing the New Era of Payments: Four Benefits of ISO 20022 You Need to Know

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