Consultant Spotlight: Corinne Huttlinger


Corinne Huttlinger

Senior Project Manager

Corinne F. Huttlinger, MA has extensive experience as a consultant, working in various banking environments. It is a pleasure to work with Corinne as she is approachable, driven and knowledgeable. She is one of the best Card Payments SMEs that I have come across. Corinne has worked diligently with our client team to make an immediate positive impact. Furthermore, she has seamlessly moved from one project to another and continues to provide great value to our client. I wish her continued success in her current project and beyond. -Shalabh Singh, Recruiter, Heitmeyer Consulting

“I have worked with Heitmeyer for about 9 months. Working with Heitmeyer is different than any other agency I have worked with in the past. Simply put, Heitmeyer is heads above all the others.”


“To do this business well, there needs to be a balance between client retention and consultant stability- Heitmeyer gets this!”