Consultant Spotlight: Jacquie Gines


Jacquie Gines

Business System Analyst

Jacquie Gines joined the team over year and a half ago, as a Business System Analyst. She has provided the best solutions and excellent value to the team. She won accolades from her project sponsor and her project manager, for the exceptional work she delivered in the transformation project. Jacqueline is a great team player and we, at Heitmeyer Consulting, are proud to have her on our team. Thanks, Jacquie, for everything that you do.


How long have you worked for Heitmeyer Consulting and what does your role entail?

I started in January 2021 as a Business Analyst for a Credit and Financial Services firm, assisting with the migration of their legacy system conversion to a new platform.


What is something people may not know about you?

I own an FM radio station in Nebraska. I competed for a Grammy in 2012and I am credited as the first female Christian rapper in history.