Consultant Spotlight: Mark Alberts


Mark Alberts

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Mark Alberts. He has been a valued player on Heitmeyer Consulting‘s team for close to 2 years. He has done incredible work for our banking client during his engagement. He has constantly supported internal teams, whenever there was a need for infrastructure and logistical help for onboarding coworkers. Their timely start would not have been possible without Mark’s assistance. Additionally, he contributed enormously in the success of the client’s day to day operations. Thank You, Mark, for your incredible contributions.” Shalabh Singh, Sr. IT Recruiter, Heitmeyer Consulting


How long have you worked for Heitmeyer Consulting and what does your role entail?

I started working for Heitmeyer in September of 2020. I am part of the Business Operations team for a banking client. I work with all stakeholders to process and track IT contracts. I also work with contracted IT vendors to onboard their resources.


“I enjoy working with Heitmeyer consulting as they always provide good support services.”