Large Regional Bank

April 2020 - Ongoing

Key Areas

  • Surge Staffing

  • Loan Operations & Underwriting

  • Onboarding Process Efficiency


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Driven by the SBA Payment Protection Program (PPP) many banks received record numbers of SBA loan requests. One of our clients, a large regional bank in the northeast, received more SBA loan applications within a two-week period than they typically receive in an entire calendar year. In order to respond to their customers and provide the much-needed relief provided by the PPP, our client estimated the need to onboard over 100 underwriting and loan processing resources within a one-week period.


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Heitmeyer partnered with the bank to build a deployment and onboarding strategy. This consisted of working with executive sponsors, hiring managers and HR partners to outline a process to successfully onboard the loan SMEs within the limited timeframe. Heitmeyer took on all candidate interviewing and candidate selection responsibilities so the bank leadership could stay focused on provisioning access and finalizing resource training. Additionally, Heitmeyer made its internal technical support team available to help with technical issues as an overflow to the bank’s internal IT support desk. Heitmeyer managed communication with all resources throughout the onboarding and training process to streamline speed to productivity for the deployed team.


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Heitmeyer successfully delivered a team of over 150 resources within seven calendar days. The team was productive within days and allowed the bank to respond appropriately to the surge demand and deliver for its customers.