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A major US insurance and banking services financial institution approached Heitmeyer Consulting at the beginning of the COVID 19 crisis with an emergency need for a rapid support of Change Control Processes.
Changes impacting Credit Operations needed to be implemented quickly.

diagram visualizing the flow between Sender, Sender FI, FedNow Service, Receiver FI, and Receiver.


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The changes to Credit Operations, made by their previous consulting firm, were done rapidly, and corresponding changes to controls and processes were not made. Resources were needed to manage the COVID-19 changes, assess associated risks, develop strong controls, and update internal procedures. Not only was this an unprecedented operation, Heitmeyer also needed to prepare adjustments ahead of time for when the client and its consumers were ready to return to normal business.


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Heitmeyer Consulting was brought in under never-before-seen circumstances to improve upon rapid change management initiated by major consulting firm. Because of our 100% focus on the financial services industry, and our network of 100,000 qualified experts, Heitmeyer was able to adapt Change
Control Processes to meet the changes brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. Upon returning to normal business, the client retained Heitmeyer, and we have continued to assist in their growth and expansion.

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