Disaster Recovery

Key Areas

Top Heitmeyer Subject Matter Experts were brought into a preeminent global financial institution to review an outdated Disaster Recovery Plan.

What initially began as a Gap Analysis and DRP assessment turned into a long-term project involving the buildout of improved DRP’s and reporting processes.


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The initial Gap Analysis and assessment revealed the DRP’s to meet the minimal standards for reporting but were rife with inconsistencies and inefficiencies.

Reporting showed that about 90% of all DRP’s needed to be reviewed a second time, and 80% would have to be redone after the review. There was also a lack of templates and requirements for the creation of
these plans.


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Our team assumed governance of disaster recovery documenting processes and built out a new training program and materials for employees. A new reporting template provided expansive guidelines for information gathering, ensuring incident reports were appropriately completed.

The client previously lacked adequate testing programs for their existing disaster recovery systems. Heitmeyer began testing new systems and provided future testing requirements to continue after the project’s completion.


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Heitmeyer rebuilt the existing DR program into a maturing assessment program that went above and beyond the previously established guidelines. The system implements point in time work critical to reporting and outlines technical aspects of data recovery and transaction recreation.

Governance and reporting guidelines were standardized, along with terminology, and new training programs were built out to unify teams. Quality of work and efficiency of processes was greatly improved,
and Heitmeyer continues to expand these projects with the client.

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