Mergers and Acquistions

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A mid-size client of ours had recently acquired a smaller bank and was looking for a partner to build out a conversion plan that would enable a successful transition while providing a roadmap and playbook of future acquisitions, but was looking for a partner that cold do so within a manageable budget.

diagram visualizing the flow between Sender, Sender FI, FedNow Service, Receiver FI, and Receiver.


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Heitmeyer consulting proposed an engagement model that included both Consulting Services and standard Staff Augmentation. Our approach allocated industry leading expertise to partner and collaborate with client leadership to build out a plan to successfully conversion while creating a roadmap, templates and tools can be repeated for future acquisitions.


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  • Acquistion roadmap for technology and operations
  • High-level program plan including milestones and deliverables
  • Contract negotiation, Risk and Issue management
  • Creation of a conversion playbook that can be rinsed and repeated
  • Change management plan, including training and communications
  • Program status reporting for ESC
  • Resource planning and augmentation for Fit for Purpose staffing model

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