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Strategic Staffing

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A top executive in the financial services industry referred Heitmeyer Consulting to one of the 25
largest banks in the country, with the goal of advising on, and executing, a core transformation.
The successful completion of this project would lead to a partnership lasting spanning several
years and expand beyond the initial scope, leading to staffing services spread throughout the

diagram visualizing the flow between Sender, Sender FI, FedNow Service, Receiver FI, and Receiver.


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The client was undergoing significant transformations, most notably a deposit core replacement.
Heitmeyer was referred due to our successful track record with similar projects. Heitmeyer quickly
developed a strategy based off of previous experiences and deployed both technical and functional
resources with specific bank domain and product expertise to execute modernization. In under one year,
Heitmeyer was able to place 180 experienced hires throughout the company, many of which became
contract to hire to retain continuity.


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Heitmeyer Consulting is disrupting the traditional consulting model by combining Advisory, Consulting,
and Execution services with advanced staff augmentation. Some clients come to us with specific
problems that require our internal team’s expertise, while others approach with general staffing needs,
and expand to our consulting services. Because of our exclusive focus on the financial services industry,
we are able to rapidly deploy appropriate personnel with the potential for permanent placement. Our goal
is to retain long-term partnerships, spreading resources throughout departments and aiding in the overall
growth of your company.

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